Cost Of Ownership

Our adoption fees are:

  • $400 for kittens
  • $250 for a cat (older than 1 year).

* Please note that the adoption fee may be higher if the kitten/cat is pure breed or a breed mix.

Some potential adoptive families feel that these fees are quite high for a rescue cat. However, when you consider the routine veterinary fees you would end up paying for a free cat, our fees are actually quite a deal!

 Free CatLucky Cat Haven Rescue CatLucky Cat Haven Rescue Kitten
Neuter/Spay$160 - $295includedIncluded
1st Vaccinations$35 - $85includedIncluded
2nd Vaccinationsn/an/aIncluded
Rabies Vaccination$35 - $85includedIncluded
Deflea/Deworm$55 - $70includedIncluded
Total$285 - $535$250$400

Other factors that would potentially drive up the veterinary costs for a “free” cat:

  • Differing prices of various veterinary clinics
  • The cat’s general health at the time of adoption
  • The cost of the vet’s time if the vaccinations are done during a separate visit from the spay/neuter
  • Whether a female kitten is in heat or possibly pregnant – cats are notorious for babies having babies
  • Any other medical conditions that require veterinary care.

Our adoption fees are NON-NEGOTIABLE. We believe strongly in a spaying and neutering and will not adopt out a cat or kitten that has not been fixed. We are in the business of getting cats off the street, not making more to be abandoned.